GPM Topsy Tree vero beach Florida Review


Wow ! I’ve never gone this far to complain but this boiler room operation must be stopped !! nMy wife wanted to order 2 topsy tomato planters she saw on TV for $19.95. nThe sale was transacted through “yes”” and “”no”” answers to a recorded female voice that asks questions such as if you want the fertilizer

plants or a cookbook. nTwo weeks later

on 5/26/09

$174.65 was deducted from our checking account. My wife said all she wanted was the planters and it seemed to her that they just don’t take no for an answer.nI called the number (800-281-5164) to cancel the order. They told me that the order hadn’t left the warehouse yet so I asked to speak with a supervisor to acquire a conformation number on my request to cancel. After being put on hold

I was disconnected. I called back and was diconnected 3 times after holding for 2 minutes or so…every time I asked to speak with a supervisor. nOnly when I informed them that we were on speaker phone and that I was video recording was I finally connected with a “”supervisor””. I asked for a conformation number on my request to cancel and informed him to make sure Fed Ex doesn’t pick it up in the interim. I was given a number. nTwo days later came the delivery. We stood with the Fed-Ex guy in amazement. We signed his ticket to return the goods..(bads). nI called GPM Topsy to inquire why the order was delivered..and when I gave the customer support woman my cancelation number she informed me that the number the “”supervisor”” gave me was in fact my initial order number.nOnly when we went to the bank to dispute this mess were we re-embursed..on 7/09/2009. nDoitrightnvero beach

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By Ronald

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