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Complaint: Contact forms at don’t work – and the Governor is not keeping up with Medical Board appointments – only 7 of 9 MD Members are presently (April, 2013) appointed, and several have expiring terms this & last month. The Medical Board of Ohio is increasingly bizarre in investigations, and actions – ‘confidential’ complaints allow that the credentials of the complainer are never checked, and that patient complaints of Member-friends are roundfiled and never see the light of day. But the main problem is the misuse of Russian psychiatry to get a ‘case’ against physicians – the misordering of psychiatric evaluations for sport. The Ohio State Medical Board is a political Board with no checks & balances – the Ohio Court of Appeals can never ever (like in Taylor Swift songs) get the files on cases – they just have to ‘reverse’ and ‘remand.’ The Ohio Board, and the Court of Appeals, are never ever getting ‘together.’ Which wastes time, money, and the substantial judicial skills on the Ohio Court of Appeals – reversing cases does not use the judgment skills of the Ohio Court of Appeals to reform the Medical Board practices – to stop the roundabouts from the Medical Board mistakes and falsified psychiatric evaluations – one case had a falsified Rorschach and a psychiatric diagnosis that did not exist – which the Medical Board was going to make the woman MD get treated for of course. The Ohio Medical Board cheats on cases & evaluations – they admit it. There is no review of the merit of cases decided by the Ohio Medical Board, except to sue the Board – and physicians getting this far have no funds left. Suing the State Medical Board when you can’t get the complaint to find out what the case is about, is an art form. Governor Kasich, shortsighted as usual, has refused to appoint an EXTERNAL REVIEW BOARD (there are plenty of extra judges in Columbus), to review Medical Board cases that have gone on over 10, and 20 years, with no resolution – where the physician, after huge abuse, appears to be INNOCENT. This Review Board could recommend resolution conditions, and reforms necessary to bring the State Medical Board of Ohio into the 21st century (getting rid of the political misuse of psychiatry to resolve disputed cases that the Inspector General’s Office can’t undo or get some relief help for). When all else fails, as Governor Kasich saw 2 weeks ago, the Medical Board will say that the woman MD has to ‘get another psychiatric evaluation’ – this is going on #6 for one woman who just disagreed with her orthopedics, their care and the ‘hitting on’ her – a woman MD with no patient complaints. And if she needed a psychiatric evaluation, the patients would have been the first to point this out. The woman MD no longer has insurance to do a #6, #7, and #8th evaluation – which Senator Grendell knew several years ago – with a ‘new’ right Ohio psychiatrist of Kimberly Anderson & Anita Steinbergh’s choosing. The women MDs are not allowed to choose their psychiatrist – just like in Russian psychiatry. Some of the Ohio experts retained by the Medical Board have certification in Russian psychiatric techniques – the one woman MD, now on #6, was first evaluated by such a psychiatrist (something out of Stephen King). And the Medical Board women ordering the ‘evaluations’ never speak to the women-MDs personally – it’s a knee-jerk order – check in a box. While the Medical Board cases go on, there is a provisional suspension of the medical licenses and the physicians can’t work – don’t have health insurance. There is currently a huge stack of files that the Ohio Board has targeted over the years of ‘confidential’ complaints. But it is Governor Kasich’s failure to see the abuse that is most worrisome; he doesn’t see the fraud, his office taunts the woman MDs about another psychiatric evaluation (like it would happen in Russia in the 1960s & 70s), and this is all going to Dante’s hell before it gets better. Confidential physician complaints feed into the misuse of psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis & treatment recommendations at the Ohio Board – currently there is a ‘treatment’ to go along with objecting to Dr. Nice care – and most physicians disagree with Dr. Nice (700 on the Staff at Hillcrest Hospital at one time) fracture care – where the fractures are ‘ripened to excrescence.’ Anita Steinbergh DO and Lance Talmadge MD endorse this care. Why is the question that is never answered. The Medical Board of Ohio misuses psychiatric evaluations on women MDs – you can’t order more than 2-3 on normal individuals for professional ‘care’ standard disputes, before there is emotional damage that even the ‘best’ psychiatrists in the US can’t ‘fix.’ Even one ordered for the wrong reasons takes 2 years to get ‘out of your head.’ It is humiliating, causes depression & suicide – why they used it in Russia for dissidents & Nobel Laureates. Kimberly Anderson, Interim Director, doesn’t care. The goons in Governor Kasich’s office don’t care. Two weeks ago they were hanging up on one woman MD, which huge credentials, telling her to ‘get another psychiatric evaluation’ or nothing they can do. Well for starters, they can stop be idiots as to what is going on at the Medical Board of Ohio – and that has to start with Governor Kasich. They can start being thinking human beings starting with Governor Kasich’s secretary. This is why the Russians use this for dissidents – is has a compounding effect – then everyone gets into the ‘diagnosis throwing’ game. The Ohio Board has embraced the political abuse of psychiatry – which the DSM expert used by one woman MD tried to point out in 1995 (DSM = Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Psychiatry). One woman MD had to hire a co-author of the DSM after the Ohio Board expert started to make up diagnoses for her – as she didn’t have anything to take her license for. This expert was paid by the Ohio Medical Board to make up psychiatric diagnoses & treatments – taxpayer monies were used for this. Psychiatric evaluation is not the answer to finding a case, when there was a ‘mistake’ in pursuing a ‘confidential’ complaint that was bogus – trial by psychiatrists is not the answer to false testimony & the abuse of ‘confidential’ complaints. You have to check the validity of the complaint, the credentials of the signers, and if they even ‘knew’ the woman MD in question, or ever spoke to her. Complaints are paid-for in Ohio. It’s a business in Ohio to manufacture ‘confidential’ physician complaints. It’s a 60-Minute problem – that 60-Minutes has no ‘take’ on. If the US expert on personality disorders tells the Ohio Medical Board in 1995-6 that the woman MD does not have a personality disorder, that an administrative mistake was made in assessing that it was a personality problem to disagree with wrong orthopedic care of oneself – then the case should have been closed & dismissed in 1995. What is it that Ohio physicians won’t/can’t agree with the guy who writes the textbook, and defines the criteria for psychiatric disorders in the US? Sounds like a narcissistic-personality-disordered Board – they like what they say rather than the valid content of the decision. Maybe all appointees to the State Medical Board of Ohio should get a psychiatric evaluation – to see if they can be objective? The Board Members in Ohio have been apparently diagnosing themselves in accusing other physicians – Anita Steinbergh DO is a bit of a personality disorder who puts this label on as many women MDs as she can manage. Political abuse of psychiatry is the misuse of psychiatric diagnosis, repetitive evaluations, detention and treatment for the purposes of obstructing the fundamental human rights of certain groups and individuals in a society. It entails the certification and committal of citizens to psychiatric treatment based upon political rather than mental health-based criteria. Disagreeing with Dr. Nice in Ohio is a political criteria – his orthopedic care is terrible, but he & Mrs. Nice have ‘friends’ on the Medical Board of Ohio who will commit his detractors to perpetual psychiatric evaluations ordered by the Ohio State Medical Board – 20 years of evaluations in one case of a women MD who would/could not ‘understand him as his wife didn’t.’ The woman MD was sane enough to say ‘No’ to that request, but not sane enough to have an Ohio license. There currently is no Director of the State Medical Board of Ohio – just an Interim Investigative Chief serving in this position – but the present Medical Board can keep ordering psychiatric evaluations on women MDs – no matter that Mr. Whitehouse is gone. Training different from certain ‘right’ Ohio physicians is attempted to be ‘cured’ – so that all physicians will think as the Board does – which is not a ‘good’ thing as the Board is as ‘average,’ and stupid medically, a group of physicians as you can get. Prior to the appointment of the Right-to-Life President, reservations on the use of third-trimester abortion were attempted to be ‘cured.’ Planned Parenthood has nothing to worry about, Mike Gonidakis is just balancing Lance Talmadge; both third-trimester abortion & right-to-life are now represented now. Wonderful – so when do we get to women MDs on the Board who can make changes in women’s medical care & get rid of the psychiatric evaluations? Serial psychiatric evaluations are ordered by Board Members, none of whom are psychiatrists, none of whom are women MDs, and for a situational problem where the woman MD had to disagree with a male about her own care? Where did the emphasis on patient care go? This is a Board serving itself. And Governor Kasich gets into the name-calling, and he isn’t a psychiatrist either. Complaints about women MDs not going along with the ‘boys,’ are placed ahead of boxes of complaints about physicians from patients & about patient care issues. There’s no point system, no transparency, and no statute of limitations – bad investigations go on forever. Women MD personalities are the issues – if they don’t agree with the men on the care issues – and it depends on the training, the year of the training, and if the male MD has ‘kept up.’ The only issues about the women MDs being perpetually investigated, concern that they didn’t/don’t refer enough to the ‘right’ physicians – Board friends – and aren’t submissive enough (apparently Gabby Reece has a point there). And that they don’t agree submissively to wrong care – especially for themselves – it may work in a marriage, but not in medical care – which is the problem with submission. But carrying on cases that have no intrinsic merit, for >20 years, trying to find a case with serial psychiatric evaluations (mostly about the physician’s sex life), has to be the modus operandi from hell – it’s heinous. Governor Kasich needs to do something about the ‘bias’ of the Medical Board appointees, the scope of experience of the appointees, the gender of the MDs on the Board (all male), and the appointing of the MDs to have a Full Board. Governor Kasich campaigned to revamp the Medical Board. Senator Patton has an appointee for consideration, and other Representatives/Senators have possible appointee names. Could we get on with things, and get some of the false cases dismissed and an end to Russian psychiatry – to seeing medical options not as political issues? Governor Kasich is going along with appointing Members who hate women MDs – currently there are no women MDs on the Medical Board – just a DO who hates them. If you don’t get into Medical School, you hate the women that did – they don’t have the ‘right’ personality to license in Ohio. Can’t Governor Kasich see this? Anita Steinbergh DO needs to be replaced. But more than that, ways of improving women’s medical care in Ohio need to be addressed – you can’t just have aequanimitas about the male abuses & crazy ideas. Standards of care are professional disputes, not political ones, and not solved by repetitive psychiatric evaluations of someone who trained in a different place, in a different time, and has more Boards or degrees. The woman that the Board wants evaluated for the 6th time has more education than any Board Member, Governor Kasich or Senator Patton – her MD, Boards in Internal Medicine and 2 Master’s degrees – but she’s crazy. And this is the crazy that we need ‘more’ of rather than ‘less’ in Ohio. ‘More’ is always better as the commercial goes.

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