Government Cash Grants

Mr. Gene Denny is a fraud with the façade of a genuine man of good faith. He is a special claiming agent that works at government cash grant. I knew him previous to this job because he went to Cherokee high school in Black Shear Georgia where I went. He also attends my church, Chapel Independent Methodist Angel Church. He claims to have made all of these contributions to a community Star Contributor and a program for Way Cross College. This is how he asks people for money. He tells them that their money will go to his good causes. I know for a fact that he is using these “donations” at his own expense. | He uses the cash grant facility as his cover. He hides a lot of money that way. I discovered all of this when I went to the place and was promised thousands of dollars. I gave him $500 as my deposit, but I have not heard from him for weeks. He should be exposed.

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