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Complaint: On Nov. 4, 2010, the Los Angeles Times ran an ad under Employment. The job read as follows: U.S Gov’t Job, No Experience necessary -Full Benefits-Now Hiring etc.. Call 1-877-980-7707 for appt… Once U R there, they ask U for $10 to take a test. U R given an application, then what I believed to be the Gov’t test. Then U R told that U did not pass the test & will need to purchase a study book which will cost $75. Then when U R ready U can come back & they will help U find a job. Never once were U informed that U would have 2 pay the $10 fee until U get there. After U pay the $10 fee and take the test, U R told that you have to pay an additional $75. If these people would have been upfront from the begining noone would get ripped off…

Tags: Government Services

Address: 4942 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, California United States of America


Phone: 877-980-7707

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