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We booked with Goverment Vacation Rewards for November 9 – 12, 2016. The confirmation stated $586 was going to be the charge. When we received our statement from the Hotel on check out it shpwed $374.60 was going to be charged to our credit card thru Goverment Vacation Rewards. We contact GVR as was told we would always receive the best lowest rate. I told them we had always used GVR for bookings but had never received a statement that showed a different rate. I expected them to refund the $212 and was told over and over it was a mistake on the hotels part. GVR contacted the Hotel and was told they only charged the $374.60. I contact the hotel and was told GVR was over charging our credit card by $212.00. That they only invoiced the company for the $374.60. So in the end GVr did not refund us our $212 difference. On another note we had signed up for GVR’s rewards program for the last 2 years. We paid over $2,000 to have access to cruises, resorts, and points towards Hotel stays. Needless to say that was a rip off too. We never received any of it

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