Gorilla Capital Winter Springs Florida Review


Watch out for deceitful and misleading statements from everybody in Gorilla Capital. They are in the game of making a name for themselves and they don’t care about anybody but themselves. They will play on your desire to purchase a property by telling you that they will place you at the top of the list above any other offer only to turn to the next person and play them against you even if you offer the same or better terms. These are the type of people that are responsible for the real estate bubble that just burst! They are creating a new bubble by turning these foreclosed homes with cheap materials and and poor workmanship playing up the value by getting you to pay more than what they are worth when they “play you”” off a probably non existent competing bidder. Making an identical bottom line offer against this “”competitor”” won’t matter because the will give the contract to the person making the better total offer as it will make their sales look bigger when actually they aren’t they are just creating a new real estate “”bubble””. Beware of them offering “”value pricing of foreclosed properties without the risk of foreclosure auctions”” You do risk that they might not even hold title to properties that they are selling or setting you up with financing that will fall through and keep your deposit money. When somebody from this company tells you they can get you in a home fast better be prepared to be taken for a ride. Don’t let these people create another real estate bubble by overvaluing somebody else’s misfortune as it will become yours if your not careful…”

5889 S. Williamson Blvd. #1429 Eugene, Oregon United States of America



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By Ronald

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