Goodwill Store Manager Dover Delaware Review


My family walked into this store on Friday evening. We headed to the back when my daughter was told to “slow down”” mind you she was walking. Then my children were browsing in the toy area when the same store manager approached them and told them “”they must be with a parent””. I was standing next to them. By that time I had realized that almost everything in the store was over priced so we decided to leave. My son was holding the door open for me and the baby to walk out

The same store manager looked at him and said “”close the door

the air conditioning is on. nAfter securing my children in the vehicle with my husband I returned back into the store to get the corporate telephone number. She informed me she was the store manager and let them know that she had to reprimand my children three times. My children were perfectly behaved

this lady is crazy and she is scaring children. nEugenianDover


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By Ronald

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