Good Tickets Elk Grove California Review


On 4/21/16 I purchased tickets from Ticket Liquidators, the secondary seller was Goody Tickets. Per the online agrrement tickets were to be shipped on or before 5/7/16. Before I hit the buy button I spoke directly with a representative of Ticket Liquidators and was informed that this was just a formality, in reality the tickets would be shipped within a week. As I live in CA and was traveling to NY I wanted to ensure I received the tickets prior to my departure. The date of the show was 5/11/16. The week of April 25-26 I contacted Goody Tickets to follow up on the processing of my tickets. They were unable to provide any update regarding the tickets. May 3, still received no shipment confirmation. As I was traveling to NY I requested that the tickets be shipped to by hotel. This was communicated via email. I also asked if I would receive a confirmation that the tickets would ship by 5/7, the reply from Goody Tickets was simply “yes””. May 9

still no shipment confirmation regarding the show that was taking place on 5/11. I contacted my credit card company of the situation. I purchased new tickets from a different merchant. I also contacted Goody Tickets and advised them that I purchased new tickets and would be disputing this charge. The reply to me was that I couldn’t get out of the purchase. May 10

I received an email from a representative of Goody Tickets stating that the tickets would be emailed to me. The tickets were never emailed to me. I also received an email confirmation from Ticket Liquidators that Goody Tickets shipped by tickets via FedEx to my hotel. They did infact arrive at 11 am the day of the show. This has been the worst customer experience from both the merchant and my credit card company. To add to the issue the Hotel signed for the tickets but has no record of where they went.”

6600 College Blvd #130 Leawood, Kansas USA


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