Good Guys Plumbing and Heating Fort Collins Colorado Review


Last Spring I had Bill, owner of the Good Guys Plumbing and Heating out to clean 2 furnaces and an A/C unit. He was on the phone the entire time he was here scheduling appointments, which annoyed me. He praised all of the equipment and said they were all in excellent condition. Last week when I tried to turn on the attic furnace, I could here it coming on and attempting to electronically light the gas, but then it shut off. I shut the gas valve off to clear the line and tried again, it still wouldn’t come on so I called Bill. He didn’t show up for his first appointment and apologized and came at noon the next day. After spending about 15 minutes on the phone in my attic he came down and told me I needed an upgraded control board that would cost almost $800, and he left. We searched the internet for the part and found it for $300 and installed it ourselves. During the installation, a dangling wire was found coming off the gas line. It had obviously been hard to pull off, as it was difficult to put back on. This had been intentionally done by him in the Spring to ensure that I’d call him!! My pipes could’ve frozen!! The temperature was in the single digits while the part was being shipped. Fortunately we have electric heaters that kept things from freezing. I’ve contacted the BBB and will also be calling Home Advisor with my complaint. This scumbag should be run out of town like a gypsy. I hope no one else has been a victim of this man, and its my intention to inform so that won’t happen. These are some terrible times. God bless you all!

115 E. Harmony Rd #210 Fort Collins, USA


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