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Moving company called giving an estimate. They showed up and packed boxes in a truck. When finished they said the price had raised and now it is 3 times the prize. They wont deliver without full payment. The rushed you to sign a contract. They promised the boxes to be there in 2 days yet it took them 6 days to deliver. They refer to a fake basic insurance that is based on weight yet they charge you for the move by cubic ft. There is no one there weighing anything yet you fail to catch that because of the rush in signing papers.While waiting for your goods, their phone calls and any contact with customer becomes shady. A random unknown driver calls and promised to deliver on a Saturday. He does not follow through yet appears on Sunday morning with 2/3 of my belongings and the delivered boxes had been opened and robbed. When trying to follow up with the company they yell at you on the phone and imply that you are a liar. No one wants to take responsibility. Meanwhile they stole even my children’s clothes and belongings, pot and pans, games, jewelry and even most of my children’s pictures and albums which is really concerning!!!!! This company is ruled and operated by people with no principles or integrity and who are professional THIEVES!

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By Ronald

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