Gold Crown Resort Sebastopol California Review


We received a voice mail message that we had won either a T.V., SUV or airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental US. My husband called Brad back. He talked to Brad and he was convinced there was no charge PERIOD and that we had won a prize. I occassionally fill out the entry forms at a fair; I was very doubtful but thought, why not. I wanted to google them and he gave me an address that was connected to travel time. We asked Brad how long it would take and he said just long enough to take pictures of us as winers. Probably an hour. I didn’t see anything negative on the site he gave me so we went. Of course it was not as promised! We explained to the presenter what had happened and he apologized. He said he would do a fast presentation and that we would indeed win one of the three prizes. It was an excellent presentation and I can see why people sign up….problem is they are liars of the first degree. My “free”” airline tickets are not free. For starters

they want a cashier’s check for $100 sent to a fullfillment center (no phone) and it is a combo package

air and hotel. They do not go to Hawaii and they do not go to my destination of Washington

DC. They also mention taxes are not included. BEWARE! These guys are good. They presented at our Hilton Hotel which was the other reason we went

thinking that the Hilton would not sponsor someone of their reputation.”

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By Ronald

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