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Purchased a sectional from gogo furniture—My contact person was Carmella—paid close to 800 for a sofa that still owe 600 in finace charges—Turned out it was infested with bed bugs!!!!! Had a bug company come in and check whole houes only to find the only spots they were in was sectional–was told it was a brand new sofa and also found out was refurbished—he bug company is also willing to go to court as well because they searched entire place and found none any place but sofa— Contacted Carmella and she swore to me that they would never sell furniture like that—during conversation she told me the furniture did not come from them -it came from a outside company they sell for–Asked for all money back and was told she have to call them–Called her back for 3 weks before she would finally tell me the company they sold it for would not do anything about it–NEEDLESS TO SAY VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT THIS !!!!! My credit will take a hit becaue I have stop all payment for finaance company –When i called finance company got the same anwser–THEY COULD DO NOTHING ABOUT IT–THE FINANCE COMPAANY NAME IS PROGRESSIVE—PEOPLE I WARN YOU DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE—THEY ARE CROOKS AND DO NOT STAND BEHINE ANYTHHING THEY SELL–THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE WITH LESS THEN PERFECT CREDIT AND THAT IS JUST SO WRONG—SHANME ON GOGO FURNITURE

555 Fulton Street brooklyn, New York USA



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