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I received a call a few weeks about about a travel survey that i was entered to win. So, lo and behold, on May 13, 2011, I received a call from Louis (he even gave his employee number) and said that I had won a trip to Florida-Bahamas. He explained to me what it included and repeated all the deals that I had received…… n Later, he said I could get this ‘all inclusive? with a fee of only 298 US dollars with two extra tickets and bonus trips. I was skeptical the whole time and asked many questions maybe being too over inquisitive. Louis passed me on to Jayson, the manager who regurgitated the same stuff and said that I had to validate my credit card that night. I told him I was uncomfortabe doing it but after agressive tactics and lost of pushing, I yielded and gave my credit card number. They said it would not be used for other things but I find that hard to believe. n The next day on Saturday May 14, 2011, I called back to say I wanted to cancel the trip and again, agressive saleswoman named Angela tried to asked why i had changed my mind and I told her I wanted to cancel the trip. She said I had agreed to the fee of 598 (for my wife and I) and that I couldn’t have it cancelled. Her supervisor then came on and said basically the same thing she did and he said he couldn’t cancel the trip or the fee but then said he would reduce it to 149.00 I was infuriated as I said that it doens’t matter if I authrized my credit card and changed my mind. He said that he couldn’t cancel it and I said that you are a bad businessman and should be ashamed. n I am generally very intelligent and disciplined about these calls and I should have known better. I will have to cancel my credit card so I don’t get unauthorized charges I don’t want and I will try to get my money back. nDoes anyone know an email address so that I can demand that my trip be cancelled (as per the credit card company) in order for me to dispute the charges. nFurther update to come soon.

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