Scott Landers is the owner of ” GO Splash Pools”” in Batavia NY. nIn 2011 my family took $2300.00 of our hard earned money and gave it Scott Landers to build os a pool in our yard. My kids used money from their piggy banks to help. nIn March of 2012 Scott Said we were omn the list to get a pool installed ASAP. nIn April of 2012 we were still on his long list of pools to be installed. nIn May we were now from being ready to swim. nIn June we were four away. nIn July of 2012 Scott Landers stopped answering my repeated calls. nIn August he said he was almost ready but needed another $2000.00 to stop over and review the job. nIn September I filed in small Claims court and subsequently won my $2300.00 back. Needless to say Landers refused to pay and as of April 2013 we have nothing to show for our efforts. nI filed a Judgement against landers in an attempt to recover our money but as of now hes still in business and still stealing from other unsuspecting families. nScott Landers is nothing more than a fraud who stole our family’s dream of owning a pool. nThanks Scott for ripping off kids. I hope you never sleep again. nBy the way Scott Landers sold us an expensive center return drain that I later learned has been banned from use in swimming pools/ As it turns out several children have drowned from center drains at the bottom of the pool. The drains suck the kids clothing or skin up and hols them to the bottom. nScott Landers was going to hook up this drain when the inspectors left in order to avoid detection. I was concerned over the fact that he was trying to cover it up so I did my research. nThe Consumer Products Agency had several reports on deths associated with the drain. nIf Scott Landers has installed one of the drains in your pool make sure to have it removed before it does harm to your children. nBEWARE !! of Scott Landers owner operator of “”GO SPLASH POOLS”” or “”SPLASH POOLS”” nScott Landers is a RIP OFF! He has had Judgements against him in the past and now has on against him from me. nIf you see him coming RUN! n”

8353 E. Main Road, Batavia, NY 14482 Batavia, New York United States of America

(585) 768-7021


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By Ronald

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