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Complaint: Me and my wife contacted GMK Solutions for help I lost my job and fell behind on my mortgage payments I tried to work it out with them but that didn’t work so we called GMK and were told not too worry dont send anymore payments. At first everything was fine we sent our payments in and all the required paperwork then after they received my $3000.00 they seemed to stop calling,not calling back and just plain didnt care.They took money from us that was hard enuogh to come with in the first place but to not call or get back to us is just wrong.(I would like to use other words but I wont) What pains me the most is we could of used that money to hire a Lawyer who actually cares about their clients.So to anyone else who in trouble with their mortgage company dont call GMK SOLUTIONS,unless you want to throw your money away.

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 1518 walnut street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


Phone: 215-732-1010

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