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Complaint: I too was sold a sick puppy from G&M Great Danes..My son went to pick up our puppy(dozer) and the puppy had some pimples on top of his head and when he questioned it,the breeder said it was nothing to be concerned with and it should go away in a few days…needless to say we have been batteling mange since we got him..He now sees a dermatologist for this ,and lucky for me(if you want to call it luck?)I found two places to buy his VERY EXPENSIVE medicine at a fraction of the cost of what my vet was charging..I paid $1200.00 for the pup,and have spent more than that on his medical bills since we got himBoth of my vets have said that the breeders should NOT be breeding the dogs anylonger since it most certainly a genetic thing…My son was told mange is NOT covered,but if these people are as reputable as they came off being,then they should have been able to spot this as what it was and stand behind their products(the pups)I feel we were knowingly sold sick pups…Owners of Dozer,the 103 lb couch potato.

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Address: 102 Mussalman Road Hanover, Pennsylvania United States of America



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