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Complaint: Hello,I’ve been an active member in the website stardoll. com that has a large members base. I was surprised to log in and find out that my account had been removed from the website, without any warning or explanation from them.Upon contacting them several times and sending multiple emails, I finally gave up as there was no response at all, and decided to reach out to you, to get some justice or legal actions done toward them.Iu2019ve invested too much in this account, purchasing items for the account in several hundreds of dollars, and I can provide you with the receipts if you want.Accordingly, I’d like them to provide any reason for this removal, as Iu2019m well aware of their terms and rules, as I’m sure I behaved myself well on their website. If they proved any of them, I’ll gladly lay off from their website and give my account to them.I know following with them might be tedious, but this a very important thing to me, and I’m sure we’ll get this issue sorted out soon.My account that got deleted is: adeeboIt was removed on Sep 4, 2017.Thank you for your kind assistance.Regards,Salem

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