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After hearing only good experiences from some friends that have used the Glock Store before, it has been a complete disappointment, when in March 6, 2013, I ordered two G23 Magazines from them. Order # 200044001. Their website has a note that says that because of so many orders, they are running a little behind. Orders are running behind from 5 to 7 days. Same with them answering e-mails. Well, today is March 20, 2013, 14 days after placing the order and I am still waiting for my order, I have sent emails requesting information and the status of my order…but I am still waiting for a response. whe I ordered the items, they were not out of stock. At least the website did not say that and it still doesn’t. It is not too much to ask to get an answer. I have even tried to contact them by phone and no one answers. Of course, this was my first and last time I try doing business with them, but I also want to warn other potential customers about what they may expect, even though I sure hope, that is not the case. I hope someone from Glock Store reads this and at least try to provide a better service to other customers. Thank you!!!

4585 Murphy Canyon Road San Diego, CA 92123 Internet United States of America


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