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Ok where to start… nFirst off know this… NOTHING IS FREE! and IT’S NOT A GIFT!! nYOU GET NOTHING FROM THEM. THEY GET EVERYTHING. nIt’s like a casino but without the element of LUCK. The house always wins no matter what. The slot machines here are rigged! nCANCEL THE APPOINTMENT DO NOT GO! IT’s a waste of time!!! nYOU GET NOTHING! And you risk getting suckered into a very expensive scam. nMy wife and I attended one of their presentations 5/30/2009 and this is what we found. n1) They work out of a building with no name and when you get inside there is no permanant evidence of the office belonging to them. You really get the feeling that none of sales guys work there. n2) Thank God! we did NOT buy anything. I was TOTALLY SOLD on the idea and wanted to buy but I couldn’t because of finances (and i’m not a sucker). When my wife and I got home we went to the internet just for the heck of it and found 35 complaints from the BBB website. Most other businesses had 1-2. And most of all… had soooo many queries it pissed me off that I wasted hours of my time with these evil people. Preying on innocent people. n3) Before we went I called and asked if we would be pressured to buy. They said “well if we pressured people they would never want to use our services”” I thought hey that sounds good. Well guess what… if you have ever been pressured by a sales person

IT IS NOTHING compared to what you’ll get here. YOU WILL BUY if you’re the least bit weak. They will pressure you at an UNBELIEVABLE level. n3) Most importantly you should note that the so called “”gift”” or “”airline tickets”” they give out

have SO many restrictions it’s not worth the $50 per person. Also you have no clue what they will do after you give them the cashier’s check. You have no control. The have EVERYTHING! nThe following are the restrictions on the Airline Tickets / Hotel: n*You must plan your trip and mail in the registration with $50 per person “”Cashier’s Check”” deposit within 21 days of the presentaton. Must be certified mail. (if they bail

your out $100) Seriously

nowdays with credit cards as king – the only “”business”” that would require “”cash”” would be someone who is planning to rip you off

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