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I did not have a good experience working with Oleg or Nikolay Nikitenko of Global Seafoods on their new website.1. Before I started building their new website Nikolay demanded an exact date of completion, and discounts for every week I was late. This was the first red flag.Their new website was only one month into production when the delays, caused by them, began: they caused their old site to come down, new requests for the new website, they kept screwing-up the new website (inventory, seo, coupons).When the new website was completed, they demanded a full refund because they thought the new website (a) wasn’t complete and (b) wasnu2019t completed on time. (aside from a few minor text and image alignment issues, which were fixed the same day, they never said what wasnu2019t completed.)2. I always had to ask for their payment. Except for once, they were always late with their payments. They were over 1 month late submitting their final payment to me for building their new website – I invoiced them in January 2016 but didn’t receive their final payment until March, only after I offered to except smaller payments from them and started disabling their website (the exporting of data).Oleg said heu2019d pay for half of April 2016 hosting, but he never did.3. Frequently they would make changes (such as to inventory or uri structure) on their own to the new website without consulting me first, which caused problems:a. They kept messing around with inventory in their new website, while it was live, and ignoring my instructions for fixing it. In the end, Nikolay told me that Oleg was messing things up.b. They changed the URI structure without knowing what they were doing, which caused problems with search engines.I was able to contact the developer that worked on their previous website. He had a similar experience as mine.I wish I had investigated them before I started working with

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