I was called on several occasions to attend a presentation with Global Discovery Vacations and for the most part I had declind because I did not want to attent any timeshare presentations because I don’t feel like paying for upkeep if I only had a week vacation. So. I was assured that they were not this kind of company. But they are, I did sign up with them after the hard sell with a agreement to pay $78.00 a month until I paid off the $2100.00. We were told that we would have this vacation pakage for a lifetime and we only had to pay a membership fee if we were going to vacationing that year,not true, they add the fee to your note and never tell you that you need to call within 45 days to stop the fee. The people you do talk to are so rude only because they know that you have signed a contract and do not want to mess up your credit. I took aq vacation to SC with one of the express options that they offered.the information that they supplied was now I’m in SC, in a cab and I not in the right place because the info that I was given was wrong.when I called Global Connections I couldn’t get any info from customer service but to my surprise they were more than willing to give that info to the cab driver. to say the least I was livid because I am the one paying for this crap and they felt free to give a compete stranger the info that I was entitled to. This company is a complete scam and if you really want to go somewhere it had better be on their list or you are S—t out of luck.

Chicago, Illinois USA


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By Ronald

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