Global Connections Streamwood Illinois Review


my fiancee and I took time out of our busy weekend and made the half hour drive to Lombard this morning for our appointment with Whitney from Great Escapes Travel Agency. I’ve won several things from the bridal expos I’ve attended so i was excited to win this free weekend getaway, despite the warnings from my friends about it being a scam. So you can imagine my disappointment and anger to discover that it IS in fact a scam. After getting to the building this morning and seeing the name “Global Connections”” I decided to do a google search. It’s no wonder Whitney had to tell me the name of the agency was “”Great Escapes”” and create a fake website because a quick search revealed hundreds of sites about the scam at global connections. Once we walked in

we saw many other people waiting. We were asked to fill out a questionnaire that included indo about our income. Once I saw that and the large room where we were told about a presentation

I knew we had duped duped.”

1919 highland avenue Lombard, Illinois USA


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By Ronald

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