After I placed my order, I could not get anyone on the phone to talk to me.


My Complaint: I placed an order on August 5th for two pairs of shoes. On August 11th, I texted to see the status of my order. I was told that my order would be refunded due to a system error. After 2 days of waiting for my funds to go back into my account, I placed my order again on August 13th. I was assured via text that my order would arrive by the 21st. When I didn’t received my order I was told that the warehouse was flooded, and my shoes would be overnighted. I still do not have my items, and now I can’t ever get anyone to respond to me. I’ve tries emailing, texting, and calling and I have not received an answer.


My Demand: I would like my money refunded

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By Ronald

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