Glad Morning Community Outreach Inc RV Radiator Muffler Service and Aquafina


Received a check and letter via USPS Priority Mail envelope sent on 5/23/2019 with the return address of RV Radiator Muffler Service 901 E Manchester Ave, Los Angles, CA 90001.Inside was a check from "Glad Morning Community Outreach, Inc" for $3,598.76 and a paper which has an Aquafina logo in the top right corner of a computer-generated letter which reads (typed exactly as received poor grammar, misspellings and the like):You received this instruction and check payment because you qualified for the Car Decal Adverting (not spelled correctly in letter) program you applied for few days ago, we have reviewed your record, Firstly you would need to confirm that you have received this package, read and understand it through SMS message "Your Full Name, Amount on the check and The check #" to 619-362-9044.The first week payment with the fund that will be paid to the AQUAFINA car decal (Technician) is included in the envelope.Secondly you have to deposit and withdraw across the counter at your bank. The check clears immediately in most cases or they ask you to wait 24 hours, you will need to provide your preferred date/time/location within ASAP for the technician to come and fix the AQUAFINA decals (Car decal) on your car, they will issue a signed agreement to you that stated that, the technician is liable for the removal of the Decal after the program expire.Thirdly the advertisement campaign will run for 3 months, you can choose to cancel at any time, you also have the choice to choose the size of the vinyl Decal that goes on your vehicle during installation, the total amount on the check is $3,598.76 you will deduct $500 which is payment for 1 weeks, and deposit the rest for the technician that will install the car Decal, they will also come and remove the car Decal after the campaign expires as stated before.Henceforth all payment will come bi-weekly which means you will get check payment in the mail every two (2) weeks.FAQ: Why do I need to deposit fund for the technician?In the past we have issued checks differently, the expert will cash the check immediately and move to the participant’s location to Decal the vehicle. Only to be told, the car had an accident and it cannot be Decal, some will say the car got towed because of illegal Parking, we experienced so many excuses; this has resulted in losses of money paid to technician because materials bought will be wasted. This is why we decided to be issuing the checks together to make everybody gets ready at the same time. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.FAQ: Can I Decal a leased vehicle?Yes. Since the Decal can be removed without harming the vehicle, there are no restrictions against Decal a leased car.FAQ: Would I be considered independent contractor or employee?Independent contractor, none of our drivers are considered employees of AQUAFINA or our partnered advertiser.FAQ: What should I do next?Deposit the check and confirm by sending the picture of the deposit slip using SMS to 619-362-9044. we would also need you to provide the best date/time/location that you want the technician to come and install the car Decal.Dolores RaphaelHiring Manager.(Car Decal AdTeam)AQUAFINA WATER

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