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Complaint: Gizmo Crate charged my card twice, once in October 2014 for $39 and a second time in November 2914 for $39 for monthly subscription boxes that I never did receive. Gizmo Crate is a monthly subscription box that you pay a set amount of $39 per month to receive a box of gadgets. On October 8, 2014 I signed up with ““” for their monthly box subscription. They charged my card the $39 cost for the October box. I received their e-mails on October 8th confirming payment along with a welcoming e-mail and a statement e-mail. I have NEVER received the October box I paid for. I sent numerous e-mails which have all been ignored as I have not received any response from them. I have called them numerous times at the number listed on the “”Terms of Use”” page on their web-site and every time receive a failure message along with a fast busy signal. I have mailed them a letter to the address listed on their web-site and have not received a response from them. In order to cancel your subscription so they do not charge your card again you must send an e-mail – however they are ignoring the e-mails and not responding. After they deducted the payment of $39 for the November box

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Address: I received the same set of e-mails from them that I had received after they deducted the October payment. When realizing this company is a fraud I decided to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I noticed there were many complaints filed against this company as well. A few days after filing the BBB complaint I received an automated e-mail from Gizmo Crate stating they were no longer in business and would be refunding all October and November payments in the order in which they were received. I feel strongly this is simply a stall tactic. This company is knowingly deducting money from customers payment information and committing fraud. They knew in October they had no intentions of sending the goods customers had paid for but still went ahead and deducted payment for November. Their web-site is still up and running and has no message or indication of any kind that they are no longer doing business therefore accepting new customers. When doing on-line research I found a customer who had used Twitter to contact Gizmo Crate to find out if there was a different telephone number as the same one I had been calling was not in working order. What struck me was this was clear back in March of 2014. I also found number of people who claim the items they received in past boxes were counterfeit and they have the proof to back this up.”


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