Ginger Kilgore Zablan Social Circle, GA / Charlotte, NC Georgia


I have been debating on submitting this Rode Hard, Put up Wet Homewrecking whore for quite some time now.. Several things have stopped me, the most important was my children and following that was not spinning the story, rather work on healing the pain this nasty cunt has caused. However, today I received a letter that sent me reeling and now it’s time to get the very ugly truth out to the world. Maybe save some other poor fool the misfortune of trusting her. || This is my sisters best friend. She was always a bitch to me whenever we would go to GA to see my family. I addressed this with my sister and she made light of it saying that she was just playing.. But she was always hanging all over my husband, even rubbing her chest in his face.. She did this in front of her husband and my entire family and they just laughed.. She did it to all the men. I just blew it off because my ex did everything he could to keep his distance from her. But she always cornered him and he finally told me run interference on her to keep her away. Even though I knew she would spread her nasty legs in a skinny minute, I thought, 1st of all she was not his type and second that he thought she was a pot smoking crazy skank (his words). He hates pot and this girl smokes it like cigarettes. It shocked me the 1st time she and my sister lit up right in front of my parents because I thought they were totally against drugs too… Not any more I guess! || We lived in North Carolina and my family lives in Georgia. The tradition was my parents and sister would come up for Thanksgiving and we would go home for Christmas. Thanksgiving 2011 my parents, sister, sisters BFF (the above scumbag), my in-laws and another family that lives out of town all came to my home. It started out fabulously and everyone was having a great time. Everyone was drinking by the fire, except Ginger, she was smoking her pot, and we were all laughing and playing cards. About 11 or 12 pm we got all 6 kids settled in bed (we had borrowed a camper for the kids to sleep in) and the women went to bed because we had a full day of cooking the next day. My sister and Ginger were sharing a room, our friends were in another room, my parents in their RV and my in laws in another RV. I told my sister and Ginger good night… at some point after my sister went to sleep Ginger got up and went outside where the men were still drinking. It was getting late and my dad and father in law went to bed leaving my very very drunk husband and this whore. However it happened, they ended up fucking in my garage, just feet away from not only our children but my parents as well. || I didn’t find this out until March of the next year…My (now ex) husband and I were together for 13 yrs, had 2 beautiful children and lived, what I thought was a picket fence life. Our relationship was not perfect, (whose is) but I thought we were both very committed to our family and our home. He didn’t want for anything and we had a very active sex life. He worked out of town. I was a stay home mom with a small side business. When he came into town everything was done for him and he was asked to do very little. But that didn’t stop him from reconnecting on FB with a friend from high school.. But that’s another story.. possibly for another day! When I found out about the friend from high school I was broken. This lady was also married and I made him call the husband and tell him everything! Then I sent him to the doctor for an STD test.. Thankfully it all came back negative. And that’s when he started fessing up to EVERYTHING he had ever done in our marriage.. I learned things about this man that I would have never believed him capable of and of course that’s when he told me what had happened on Thanksgiving. Immediately I called my sister and my mother.. of course thinking that they would both be completely outraged about the nerve it took the fat bitch to defile my home. Just the opposite happened. Of course Ginger lied and said that he came on to her.. they were both pieces of shit, doesn’t matter who started it. My sister immediately said she wasn’t getting in the middle of it and my mom said the same thing. Now my mother cannot understand why I won’t talk to them and my sister has not even tried to connect me since this happened… Of course not.. cause Ginger is the one that supplies her pot and I’m 250 miles away so I’m of no use to her. My mother keeps calling and texting me and I have repeatedly told her that as long as she is OK with sitting in the same room with the woman that fucked my husband in my home then she needs to learn the meaning of LOYALTY. So… today I get a letter from my mother with money for my kids Christmas and a letter stating,”Please forgive us for all that we have done and not done.” Well what you have not done is stand up for your daughter! What you have not done is choose your grandchildren over a stupid pot smoking wanna be biker! What you have done is allow your other daughter to insert a disgusting pot smoking piece of shit into every family activity. || At this point it’s too late.. I will never be their daughter again. I have no idea how a parent can be in the same room with a person that they know defiled their child’s home and marriage. Don’t get me wrong.. My ex was indeed the one that broke up this home, but my family allows Ginger a place at their table and that makes her not only a HOMEWRECKER but a FAMILY WRECKER! || Thankfully there is a very happy ending… I bought my husband a camper and said,”This is now your address, take it wherever you want.” I divorced his stupid homewrecking self and happily collect alimony! My children and I moved to another state and I will NEVER share my address with my family.

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