Gienna Moore – Lagrande, Oregon Oregon


First let me say that gienna is a liar who pretended to my friend we were good friends and Justin was my boyfriend father of my child we were together since I was 16 all the time she was my go to to talk to this bitch was fucking my man. She uses sob stories and manipulation for people to feel sorry for her. My son’s father even went to the extreme to killing a person over her lies and drama of making her seem like she was the victim when he caught her flirting with somebody he went to jail and they did a jail house wedding (classy) she while he was locked up fucked many other people and while her now husband was locked up not once asked about my son or cared what she was doing as soon as he was released, it was all I love your son I missed him , they both continue to use drugs and clam that I am trying to take her man umm no I’m not she had my sloppy seconds she works not in a head-startbin La grade around children !!! While on meth !! My advice is to anyone who comes across this whore is to stay clear she pretends to be your friend then steals your man well knowing he had a son and a family . But she thinks she was in the right and her excuse is it was true love we couldn’t help it !! I hope others are careful around his home wreaking bitch I now have a son who doesn’t see his father all they care about is themselves and I hope who ever gets in her path gets std tested!!

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By Ronald

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