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Complaint: I sent my car to a shop for repair. I was told that it was my transmission and they sent it to Gibraltar transmissions. I paid $1,200 for a NEW transmission. I had the car back to the shop in a matter of 6 times in two months. I was told that I did not know what I was talking about for I am a woman. The transmissiononly lasted 7 months then quit again. I was told that because it was not under the warranty any more I would have to pay for another transsmission. That was on my 91 ford mercury On my ford windstare my daughter was driving it when the transmission went. She was in NY and did not know what I had gone through in NJ with Gibraltar. She paid the same $1.200 to get the transmission done and in 2 weeks she is having problems with that transmission also. Joan linden, New JerseyU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Gibraltar Transmissions 1720 E. St. Georges Ave Linden, Nj New York U.S.A.



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