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Complaint: Just wanted to let people know my story of a classic rip off scam done by a company, Georgia Roofmasters. In 2010, Georgia Roofmasters knocked on my door to solicit my business (which now I know was the first red flag) Owner Glen Grindley took my deposit 4,500 and then disappeared. I tried to continuously to contact them for years, with no success. I finally got through in 2013, owner Glen Grindley told me he was out of business and there was nothing he could do. I then proceeded to hire another roofer. I just recently discovered cards around town and realized Glen had lied to me. He never was out of business, he just chose to steal my money. I then proceeded to contact his wife, Melani Grindley, who is now the owner of the company. Which I would like to mention Georgia Roofmasters has changed presidents many times, great hiding technique. I tried to tell the story to Melani and got many bizarre random answers to try to justify their theft, I guess all theives have their excuses. I really don’t care what their excuses are, the bottom line is they took money for no services or product in exchange. In most cases that would be consider stealing. I did take them to magistrate court. They did get to hide behind the corporate veil. That is why I am now trying to figure out this internet stuff, so that I can warn people and tell my story. Maybe it will save someone else from the scam I fell into. I would also like to mention that, yes I fell into a classic contractor scam, but I am not the only one. My best advice is to tell people that when a contractor wants money up front, do not do it. Go and buy the materials yourself and have that company deliver. Then you will see how much the contractor is charging for labor. Which in this case I now realize 9,000 for a roof was crazy insane. That is my lesson learned. I still would like to believe there are good contractors out there, Glen Grindley is not one of them. People should know his true colors. The other report regarding Glen, regarding the intimidation tactics I also can verify first hand, are true. He is very hot headed and hard to communicate with. Please save yourself total aggravation and find another roofer. Georgia Roofmasters is extremely awful to do business with.

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