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I just found this site, so I’m going to go back a couple of years to an incident I had with the above named business. nIn March 2003 I bought a big screen tv from this store. I was told delivery would be $100.00 so I said forget it, I will pick it up myself. The tv was to be delivered to the store within a few days, when I called to see if it was there, they said it was delayed. I said fine, but I want it asap, they told me a couple more days. I called then, and nothing. They told me they would look into why it was not shipped to them (I don’t know why it couldn’t be shipped to me…I live 10 minutes away), and they said they would call me back before the day was over. 6:00 came and no call, so I called and they were closed. Nice. nNext day I told them they had 2 days, and if they couldn’t get it, the deal was off. I also told them, that for the wait (over a week and a half), I wanted them to deliver and I was not paying for it. They agreed. n So, 2 days later, the TV was there ( I found out by calling them, they didn’t call me). We came to an agreement that they would deliver it in their vehicle, but they only had one guy so I had to help load it. Fine. I went to the store and the man there told me that they had 2 employees to move it. So I went back home and waited. A minivan shows up (real professional) with 2 young teenagers. They pull out the tv from the back of the van and then ask me if I had a knife to open the box. We got the box open, got the tv into the kitchen where they proceeded to RIP the rest of the packaging off of the tv, like it was a toy. nWhen they got the packaging off they said bye. I said hold on, I’m not watching a 52″ tv in my kitchen. It’s going to the basement. They said they weren’t supposed to do anything else but get it inside the house. I was getting pretty annoyed with the whole thing. I got them to move it into the basement. On the way

they scratched the top of the tv against the door frame. There was LOTS of room for the tv to clear it. nAnyways

I called the store in the morning to tell them about what had happened

and what they were going to do about the scratch on my new tv. I got the same man on the phone who I had talked to the night before. As soon an I started to tell him what happened

he cut me off and started yelling at me

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By Ronald

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