George J. Bobalakis & Dia Scarsdale, New York Men


I have 7 children with this jerk. I started dating him I when it was 14 now 49 … You think you know a person? Nope you never know. I stayed home for 25 years to care for the kids and the house. What do I get …. George J. Bobolakis hanging around with a whore he employed… || All I know her name is DIA .. He’s been screwing around with the whore, stole money from the family business, left the children and I with nothing but fat ass bills that I can’t pay . She thinks the money will last! Lol nope it will run out. Karma will set in . But not soon enough!!! They ran like rats!!!!”You can run but you can’t hide” he is now in arrears of over 50,000 and counting… She has killed the life’s of 7 people! He’s just as to blame. Let’s top it off with his mental abuse over the years. || I learned the hard way people don’t change they get worse… Only A wart on the ass of society does this. And that’s what they both are.

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By Ronald

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