George Davis Security Guard


Liar Cheater Man

George Davis thinks he can persuade women out of money and food. Liar. He asked me to marry him. Not. He lives in a gay mans hotel.Talks like a b**** about all his buddys or friends or people he dates. Wears stupid Tshirts is fat ugly four eyed and wear his uniform as clothes. He cheats his friends out of money. I was confronted by a lady who said she been dating him for years and he has bilked her of her money. He secretly dates men.he is not pleasing sexually.very small.with big belly. Talks to white people to use them he told me.He is a user and a liar. Uses all his friends to go to there house to drink .He is a drunk from the hundreds.Knock kneed female hips Uuck! Watch out for him he is sneaky and trys to give advice to women on Facebook.The me tve.

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