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We attended a seminar, with the promise of a trip. The trip turned out to be accomodation only, we had to get ourselves there! Upon arrival we were assigned a salesperson who glued herself to our sides for 2 hours (all the couples seemed to have someone assigned to them). The sales pitch lasted about an hour, then we were herded to a room with tables, calculators etc were we spent the next hour subjected to a strong armed sales pitch. We were beratted if we questioned anything, told we were crazy not to think this was the best deal of the century and assured that this was an investment that could be easily resold through Century 21 at an inflated rate, all of this later proved to be false.nWe were also never told that there would be a yearly maintenance fee, otherwise why would we have paid a fortune for holidays that $40,000 would have given us at more than 1st class accomodations. Imagine our surprise when that bill arrived. nA promise was also made that we could ‘bank’ our points and cash them in on the ‘ultimate’ vacation, also not true, they expire. nWe were deceived, manipulated and now after paying over $40,000 we face 50 years of $2000 (and climbing) fees for vacations we do not take.nTo add insult to injury, they then sold our name to other unscrupulous people praying on us to allow them to sell our timeshare. They are also frauds and when I called Geo to ask for help with them, I was told (by the VP by the way) that I was ‘becoming tiresome’ and hung up on. When I called back after 5 seconds and a doubling of my bloodpressure, I was informed that if I called back again I would be sued ! Sued for what????? nHow angry am I? if anyone out there wants to initiate a class action suit against this bunch of bullies and thieves, I’m in……just let me know nIn the same boatnbrantford, OntarioCanada

51 International Boulevard, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6H3 Toronto, Ontario Canada



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