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Kevin fleming of seaside mariana and isla mariana, the bramwells own two titles covering their project. They are the good guys, you are the liar and thief. I viewed the Bramwlls progress at Tamarindo, and it is fantastic. Houses under construction, road work in progress, clubhouse in progress. Meanwhile, no progress at any Fleming project. You have stolen money from unsuspecting at Isla Mariana and Seaside Mariana in Nicaragua. You started both in 2006 and both have NO infrastructure at all. You have 5 active lawsuits in Nicaragua. view or for information relating to your scam. Seaside Mariana is has over 270 lots sold and less than 20 registered. Outright fraud. Kevin Fleming and Maria are common thieves. Beware and do not give them any money, without going to their "project" to see the reality!!

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