Gentili Jack Russells


I saw a ad for puppies for sale. i choose it and it went to [email protected] I picked out a jack russell puppy named Danielle,10 wks. old. they emailed me the puppy was $535 and asked me to go to Walmart, get a moneygram for $535, take a picture of receipt and email it to: Anthony Jone, 2355 Laughlin Drive, Dallas, Texas 75228. phone7039967371 I did just that. Next, I received an email from: [email protected] saying the puppy needed a special airconditioned crate and it was $1750 to rent it and I would be fully refunde when the puppy arrive. they were in virginia! I thought howdid the puppy get there? They wanted a moneygram $1750 told me to take a picture of receipt and email it to them to: Allen Lawrence,Dallas, Texas 75204 phone 8042234730. they called and messaged me several times to send the monogram. I started to realize this is a scam! i didnt send any money to the person. I called Lacrosse Municipal Airport and asked thier shipment dept. about the crate and the rest of my story. hey informed me that there is no specil crate like i. Only two airlines ship dogs according to weather. no such company as nationwide shippers60! i am heartbroke. I purchased dogfood.puppy supplies, etc. at Walmart and had the stuff all ready for my puppy. even a personal dogtag with puppys name,etc. Please get these rotten scammers. I probably wont get my money backk but please alert everyone about this pet scam. Thankyou.

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By Ronald

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