Genesis Exteriors – Brandon Vincent Madison Wisconsin Review


Brandon Vincent is a liberal d****e bag using scare tactics through the radio to generate business for his company. I’m sure you’ve all heard this guys big mouth all over the radio stations in Madison since this hail storm hit in 2016. He states that most of the people coming to your door with flyers are not local, the fact is that many people come to your door with flyers that are local. That’s how business is generated by putting in the man hours to get out there and talk to people face to face and get to know your customers instead of sitting back in the office and making commercials for the radio like a lazy piece of s***. It’s a common practice for a liberal minded individual to expect everything for nothing and this is just how Brandon Vincent with Genesis Exteriors conducts himself. You can hear other companies on the radio advertise in a positive manner but rest assured you’ll continue to hear the loud mouth jack a** Brandon Vincent on the radio using false information and scare tactics to get you to do business with him. If you’re a responsible hard working individual then choose someone who has the courage and strength to come to your house and show you what they have to offer you. If your a idiot and a liberal then choose the jerk behind the add on the radio bashing other companies. This guy is hurting local contractors because many who are local pass out flyers and knock on your door but he will tell you they aren’t. I wouldn’t hire Genesis Exteriors because they bait and switch you off fear tactics, I’d hire the company that has the balls to man up and come talk to you face to face about what they are going to do for you and not what the competition is going to do to you.



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