General Refining Corporation – GRC broke a sentimental piece – and they overcharge

Do not trust General Refining Corporation with your prized jewelry and gold! I had one piece of jewelry melted down by them and another polished and put back into mint condition. At least that was what they said that they could do for me. | Their customer service is far below expectations. They charged me a fee for melting down my ring, without notification, and told me that it was only 30% gold. I did not get my money’s worth. I know what it was valued at because I had it inspected by two other pawn shops previous to bring it to General Refining Corp. I did not have many options considering they had already melted it down. I could have got a lot more money for it.On top of that, the piece of jewelry that they “refurbished,” it turned out worse. The necklace looked dulled and they broke the chain on it. | I have made several complaints, but once everything was paid for, they disregarded my unsatisfactory. I wish I had known what their service was like before coming here. It would have saved me a lot of stress, hopefully, my complaint will save others.

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