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We bought a Nextway F9X tablet form with Paypal on 5/12/2013 and had it shipped to USA via DHL.The delivery was fast and we did receive the item.We were pleased with the high resolution screen of the tablet for two days until the screen of this tablet started to develop two horizontal lines right above the middle. That was extremly disappointing. We emailed the service department of the site about the problem and asked them for an RMA number and an exact return adddress. We wanted to send it back for repair or exchange. The first sign that this issue will be a nightmare occured when the Geekbuying store tried to avoid the issue by delaying to respond and then by avoiding the issue all together. They told us to reset the tablet and re-root it to make the defect of the screen go away. Of course that didnt work. After a few more days and failed attempts to get an RMA number we emaill the site and asked them for a refund and a return address because first the screen developed another line and second we thought the Geekbuying store would not honor their own return and refund policy on their website. We just though these people were scamming us by now. Three weeks are going by now with no solution to this rippoff aggravating issue. We finnally open a dispute with Paypal. Only then Geekbuying store decided to email us with proposition to settle the issue!! They offered us 15$ to forget the whole thing and go away. ??!! WE refused and decided to finally create a report on this site and end the matter there. We strongly advise anyone to stay away from this online store. They are a rippoff as far as we are concerned. We did bussiness with many Chinese stores on line and we NEVER had a problem before with any of them. Its disgusting.

Guocheng Garden, Baihua No.1 Road, Futian District internet, Select State/Province USA


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