GEEK BACKER LLC chalmers Indiana


Complaint: I got error report saying to contact microsoft and was given a phone no#. after the tech at microsoft said it wasnt PC problem I was connected to GEEK BACKER who then informed me I was infected with a virus. They got onto my PC and run a microdoft removal tool plus CCleaner. dont know if anything else was done but my PC became workable. I became suspicious when they demanded payment. I agreed to pay by check and they are sending FEDEX to pick up the check. $749.99 WOW, they got me. It is easy to say YES it was my fault. all the money microsoft has made from US and they “Can’t”” figure out a preventative maintenance. If only I could find where GEEK BACKER lived i’d “”Burn down their dam house and kill their dog.”” (unforgiven) Just be careful my fellow Americans. I should have known to watch it when I spoke to persons who could hardly speak english. Their T and P sounded the same…”

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 702-608-9037

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By Ronald

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