Gazoz Inc. / Mike Manshoory and Alex Manshoory los angeles California Review


the Manshoory Brothers are loan sharks and opium dealers .that stuff ruins many peoples ,lives .they pretend to be your friend and then try to get you hooked ,on the stuff .but really the whole so called aparrel business they are running is a part of a vast money laundering operation ,with the levian brothers .these guys are not good guys .i swear on my fathers grave they will not get away with it .they find people who are in trouble and loan them money at interest rates that no one , no one can afford .this kind of thing is bad .if they think they are the ones who can threaten to send me to jail they are going to find out ,and that is all i am going to say about that .

1616 S. LOS ANGELES STREET Los Angeles, California USA

(213) 747-7777

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