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Click Here For Cheating Husband Exposure || When I first noticed signs of things being wrong with my husband I checked his phone bill and there were hundreds and hundreds of text messages to her. She was an ex girlfriend from high school. I confronted him and her about the affair and he told me he’d stop. He ended up leaving multiple times until finally he moved out for”good”. Two weeks after he moved out he came home begging to come back and confessed that he’d actually rented an apartment and moved in with her. I asked him if he’d told her before coming to beg to come back home and he said no. We got into the car together and went and told her together. I withdrew $1200 from my daughter’s savings account to pay him out of the lease, which he has NEVER paid back. We were accused of ruining this woman’s life. || For 20 years I have worked 40 hours a week, cooked, cleaned, done the laundry, yard work, maintenance on vehicles, and house. He has basically ate, slept, and worked. The reason for his leaving…I made him miserable and stole his”voice”, I never let him have an opinion.

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