Gateway Computers Sweet Home Oregon Review


I called Gateway and got a quote for a machine. When It arrived, there was no paperwork concerning amount to be billed. When computer was setup, it did not function properly. Called tech support and got disconnected several times while being “transferred””. nReceived billing statement from Citibank for $95 in excess of quote. nI immediately called them and filed a complaint which was supsequently brushed off. I have attempted to get them to issue a RMA for the defective

overpriced computer to no satisfaction. They claim I was billed correctly and Citibank has never answered any of my mail. I was supposed to receive a $100 mail in rebate but it was denied because I had not sent a copy of paperwork I never received. nI was just a couple months ago told of a Gateway 15 day return policy. I was never notified of that either.nI have been told I cannot return it for credit and I’m sure the credit card company wants their money but I’m NOT paying. nIf you get a “”quote”” get it in writing because over the telephone

you have NO records to back your claims up. I have a witness and documentation thankfully. Now

to get someone to listen and help as I am disabled and next to broke. I saved for a year to purchase that computer and they tried to rip me off. nMadConsumernSweet Home


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By Ronald

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