Their website advertises AirPods for a discounted rate of $39.99 of which is marked down from $159. The pictures and the description on the website are accurate for actual authentic iPhone AirPods, however what we received in the mail we’re clearly knock offs and not the same as what was pictured. They immediately charged my account but it took over 10 days to receive them in the mail. I emailed them multiple times asking about shipping information and when we should expect them because they were a birthday gift for my son and I was hoping to receive them by a certain time. I only received one email response. They asked what my name is even though my email had my name listed in there twice. They never responded to any of my other emails. Once we received the product and immediately recognize that they were not what was pictured and purchased, I emailed them again right away and have not heard anything in return. There’s no phone number or any other contact information on their website other than a Gmail account address. Needless to say I’m mad and my son is upset because they were supposed to be a birthday gift. This is the name that was on one of the emails, Gurkaran Kaler. The return address on the packaging from New Jersey does not appear to belong to them, as well. It’s all a scam!

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By Ronald

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