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Complaint: Gary, got a protection order on here ay, he found out that the police man made up things, yet gary does nothing to bring the children back to safety, i think he is getting paid by the state , so he is causing many expenses that would not be needed, he is not caring about the children one bit, if he was he would of listened to the taped interviews of the 7 year old girl. She states she is being threatened by the mother not to talk about all the sex stuff she has sen. One would think at this point gary would reverse his position, yet he has done nothing, only keep trying to extend this case so he can get more money. Now if you found out that your 7 year old little girl was being thrust into this dangerous situation wouldnt you remove her, and her smaller brother, back to where they went to school have many friends, and have a father home full time, instead the children are stuck with babysitters, and wait until their mother comes home, and gets drunk and then starts the violence, then has sex with her boyfriend where the 7 year old has described anal sex, strap on sex, seeing her mother sitting on a machine with something i her private part, and oral sex, a 7 year old little girl, was so afraid the first time she saw them having sex, the 7 year old has reported seeing pornography in her mothers apt, she has seen them have sex over 50 times, why doesnt gary robbins charge the mother and boyfriend for these terrible things small children are going through, call him and ask him, why he is keeping the father away for 1 year, and leaving the kids in a dangerous place, and do not vote for gary to be judge, and tell all your friends to call him and save the children and do not vote for him, he doesnt care about the well being of the children at all.

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Address: flagstaff, Arizona United States of America



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