Gary Montgomery and Katreena Merriee Connell – Murray, Utah Utah


These two have been talking for the past year and a half both are with other people now. They are exes, it ended badly but both were with other people within a few months, she was married not even 3 months after the break up, he stalked her, broke into her house and went to jail for violating parole that’s how things ended between them, so why would she even want to talk to him, he cheated on her multiple times, there was an insane amount of cheating done by him. He has been a cheater from the get go will literally fuck anything that walks including both of his sister in laws at the same time, a stripper who was 8 months pregnant, many many many women off of Craigslist, and he doesn’t like using a condom either, he has been diagnosed with many different medical conditions I have seen the paper, he was molested as a child so there is a good chance he will become a child molester himself, psychologically he is just not all there, he has sexual deviancy to the point to where if he doesn’t get sex he will go out and cheat on you with anybody, doesn’t matter what they look like. His whole family is full of child molesters and drug addicts, his father, uncle, brother and nephew all are child molesters, I can’t even name all the drug addicts. The thing is, is that yes I understand he needs help but he has refused help over and over again, he just honestly doesn’t care who he hurts and how he hurts them. He is on parole for arson he committed when he was 17, was in prison for years, got out has been cheating and fucking random girls without a condom ever since. || The girl is married and pregnant and married to a great wonderful guy, she acts like this perfect Mormon girl but she’s not by any means a perfect Christian, she still talks to Gary here on a regular basis, she has him on different apps and they talk through chat. When we were friends she would non stop talk about Gary, everything would be about Gary, and this was very recently, she should be over him by now stop bringing him up, seriously she shouldn’t even want to communicate with him after what he did to her, she changed her number last year because her husband complained but they would still talk through apps, now he has her number again. There might not be actual physical cheating going on between the two of them but they definitely are cheating on their spouses emotionally and mentally, I know she is because she’s not over him, why would she talk about him so much if she has moved on. I was a mutual friend, you could say I was their marriage counselor for the last month. I told her to move on, when I knew he wasn’t going to change. He actually was trying to lie and manipulate me, into giving him info when they broke up, he lied so much to me, it was gut wrenching to be in that situation, with all the stress that’s why I don’t understand why they talk he did that to her on a daily fucking basis, but she’s not perfect, she has lied and manipulated me, I just got sick of being the drama between the two of them, they really are a match made in heaven, she acts like a victim, she could never do anything wrong and she lies so much to keep that person sucked in and believing that she is the victim, she doesn’t know a damn thing about me I bet, what’s my birthday Katreena or my favorite color? She wouldn’t even know my last name if it wasn’t for Facebook, she was a horrible lying manipulative friend, and don’t even get me started on him, he’s a master manipulator and liar and likes to mind fuck people. These two people are beyond nut jobs, maybe they deserve each other, lying, cheating, deceiving nut jobs. Thank god the drama is over, really thank god. They were both sucking the life right out of me. I’m sure they are going to comment to defend themselves but I in all honesty have just posted the 100% truth of the situation, hell yeah I might be a little bitter about being lied to and manipulated, but the situation is over and Im looking forward to moving on with my life. I might not of been cheated on physically but I lost out on 4 years of normal life because I’m a caring person and I thought I could be there to help both of them, I was wrong they are beyond help. I honestly feel cheated on. because I honestly tried my best to help both of them and they continue to lie and manipulate. I’m so glad it’s over, I don’t have to deal with either of them ever again. I have learned a lesson in all of this, don’t try and help the unwilling or the psycho people who don’t want help or don’t think they have a problem. Gary’s in the picture with the red sweatshirt with his current girlfriend Snow, she’s pretty young and controllable, I bet it’s extremely easy to cheat on her, and katreena is in the photo with the red lips with her husband, all in all I really feel bad for her husband, he’s a great guy who doesn’t know what a psycho he’s gotten himself involved with. I am done with this drama enjoy your life soul suckers, don’t get involved with these people even as friends they are nothing but drama, and don’t fuck Gary he might have an std by now with all the condones craigslist whore fucking that he’s done. Enjoy your life people.

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By Ronald

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