Gardenview Restaurant Buffalo New York Review


I know we have all had a bad experience at a restaurant from time to time, but now I can say that from this past experience that I am not only shocked but absolutely appalled! I have been to this restaurant in the past before and they just seem to be going downhill from here. Especially after this past Mother’s Day experience. Chef Ramsey would definitely agree with me about the fact that this establishment has no regard whatsoever for the customer’s concerns- much less, the quality of service to put it quitepolitely. It’s one thing when you have had a bad experience with a waitress,but when you try to tell the “Manager or Owner’s wife””- to advise them of a bad customer service experience with their staff and they publicly embarrass you as well as themselves (yelling at customers with flailing arms and telling them not to complain and that if they don’t like how they aretreated then they don’t have to come back again!). Keep in mind prior to all this there were people who had walked out without paying their bill because of lack of service and in one other case a comment something about not very good service at all by another patron who we had talked to as they were leaving. It ended up with us getting a small discount on my side dish (needless to say I gave $0.00 for a tip) and on my way out I made sure to tell anybody coming into the place to steer clear of it. I would suggest this to anyone and I will continue to do so anytime I am given the opportunity. Worst of all since then in my research I have found other information on the internet through other sites that the owner has a problem keeping his hands to himself with the waitresses

especially the morning staff women!”

1744 Union Rd. West Seneca, New York United States of America


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By Ronald

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