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to start off david had promised us 3 different move in dates and told us to go ahead and give our 30 day notice at our apt. so that it would not go against our credit. so we did as he said and when our 30 days was up he still didnt have our house ready. there were still tennants living there. and these tennants told us that they were sexually approached by david says they were touched inappropiatly without consent. we ( my grandparents, who are both handicap, my fiance and our baby) had nowhere to go. we had to clean this house out our selves. was told he would take some money off our rent for doing it our selves…HE did NOT! the tennants before had animals and there were fecies and such on all the carpets. not to mention that the house was covered in fleas! and he told us that we had to bomb it our selves and buy the materials to do so. we were told to rip up the carpet and did so…. then he comes back and is making us pay for the carpet saying he did not say that. charging us 2000$. the carpet to this day is still layin in the house upstairs covered in feices and bleach from the previous tennants, which was supposed to be done soon after we moved in. we have lived here for 2 months and has not been touched. we lived here for a month during July with NO AIR because each guy he sent out here to fix it said that he didnt want to pocket out that much money to fix it . it was wired up so that we could not shut it off and now our bill is over 300 dollars. we went 5 days with no electricty because the electrition said our electric box was wired wrong and was hot. we still to this day have only 8 outlets that work in this whole house in which there are over 25. our sinks are backed up. needless to say he promisis stuff and NEVER comes thru. we paid our rent on time for August and I asked for a receipt and on the receipt his assistant wrote that the payment was for carpet. i argued with him to change it because it was for rent and he told us that is what david told him to put on it. well we were finally able to get ahold of him and he told us not to worry abt it that he knew we paid our rent. next thing u know we are being taken to court for non payment of rent. BULLSHIT! and now he is threatening us for 1100$ for our rent for september instead of the 900$ that it says in the lease. needless to say, DO NOT EVER DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN.

mills ave. (southern plaza) Indianapolis, Indiana United States of America

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