Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery Georgia Review


I ordred three different types of plants from this nusrery. Of the three, one died before I was able to identify what it was. The other two were not what I ordered. One, which was supposed to be Hosta was identifiable at the point the order was received. After contacting customer service, I was able to get a refund for the purchase price of those plants. The last type arrived in a dormant state with no leaves or flowers, making it difficult to identify. These were planted and since flowering, have been discovered to be Spirea, although a deciduous Azalea was ordered and was labeled as such. Despite all of the plants I received being labeled as ordered, I was instructed to dig the plants up and pay to have them shipped back to the nursery so that I may be issued a store credit. I requested a refund and was told to contact customer service, which I had already done, and that the person I needed to speak with only worked on the weekends. In short, two of the three types of plants I ordered were never sent and the other died before it was identifiable. Save yourself the trouble (and money) and buy from somewhere else.

12845 State Rt 108 Altamont, Tennessee USA



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