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I was in the market for a FN Scar and just my luck I found one at Gander Mountain in Germantown Wisconsin. But, my eyes popped out when I saw the price. $5,995.00. This is a gun with an MSRP of $2,600. I asked the round faced kid behind the counter what was the deal? He said they mounted a $3000.00+ dollar scope on the gun. I said take it off, I only want the gun. The kid tells me that they are not able to easily sell the accessories, and someone will buy it. I tell him they are gouging and taking advantage of good people. He says that is what my boss wants. I ask to see the manager. Mark. I tell him if they if insist on forcing their customers to buy accessories I am willing to buy a Red Dot, but not a scope that cost more than the gun. Mark runs over to talk to some guy named DJ and he comes back to tell me there is no changing the gun package the way it is set up. Mark says some guys are selling the guns for more money after they buy them. I ask him why is that the store’s concern? Gander Mountain is in the business of selling guns and ammo at retail. It should not be their concern how long a guy keeps a gun he buys. Maybe some guy buys a gun, and then he goes through a divorce and he needs to sell the gun to raise money. This is straight up profiteering and taking advantage I tell him. I won’t forget it either!nI call Gander Mountain Headquarters and tell another guy named Cory my story. I demand to talk to the boss of the bonehead who made the decision to gouge loyal customers. I get a call back from Mark at the store in Germantown. I tell him this is a bullsh&^ way to do business. He tells me I can swap out the scope on the gun…but the gun was sold. By now the gun is sold, and some poor sucker got gouged: because the gun is so hard to find, and Gander Mountain knows that – they took advantage. I am sure that guy who paid $3.400 for a scope he did not need will also remember the bad taste he got in his mouth from Gander Mountain’s rogue manager. nMeanwhile…this gun craze will not last forever. And I will make sure that everyone knows that Gander Mountain Gun World in Germantown Wisconsin took advantage of their customers, jacked up prices, and forced people to buy accessories that they could not sell. When things get back to normal, I will be taking my business elsewhere and telling everyone else to do the same.

W190 N10768 Commerce Circle Germantown, Wisconsin United States of America

(262) 250-0600

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