Gamestop winston salem North Carolina Review


I went into this local Gamestop and purchased my Playstation 3 in February 2013. I was told that I would receive a 2 year warranty if I payed for that. Since I was there to replace a broken Playstation 3 already I thought to myself “Why not”” so I paid the extra bought the money long story short the console craps out on me in May/2013 I dont live in a dusty environment the thing tore up. Well get this Gamestop’s lying employees inform me that I have a warranty through the manufacturer and that I have to send it to them and pay the shipping etc. I was also told their warranty starts a year after the manufacturer warranty and I only get one year. I told the Manager that I was lied to and told by his little friend standing next to him that he informed me it was a 2 year replacement coverage and I could bring my system in anytime during those two years and replace it. The manager shrugged at me and tossed me a pamplet and said contact the manufacturer. Basically I told him what he could do with his pamplet and his lying a*s employees. I will never shop at any Gamestop again and I will actively discourage everyone I know from ever shopping there again. This is about the third time ive been lied too or ripped-off by one of these crappy a** stores. I will forever support PLAY n TRADE in Asheville

N.C the owner Rich is a decent and honest man who takes care of you. These companies need to be held accountable for the lies they spew in order to sell products. DOWN WITH GAMESTOP!!!!”

353 E Hanes Mill Rd Winston-Salem winston salem, North Carolina USA

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By Ronald

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